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"In addition to expertise and methodology, one of the greatest assets of a coach is authenticity and the discipline to walk the talk. Moishe brings his full, authentic self to his clients. His positivity, passion, and perseverance are distinctive and will benefit anyone fortunate to be his client.​


"Moishe is an amazing, intuitive coach, who successfully launched his Recovery Coaching practice this year. I got to know Moishe really well, when we worked together in an advanced coaching group. Moishe is thoughtful, insightful and very effective in creating mind shifts for his clients. I highly recommend Moishe Chanin as a Recovery and Life Coach. You can reach Dr. Mindy Gewirtz, President Collaborative Networks at for more information.


"I personally worked with Moshe, and I had amazing results. He is clear and direct and has an intuitive sense of what your needs are. Every time I need clarity on a issue, or something pressing in my life, I know he will guide me in the right direction.


"It is an honor and a privilege to write this letter of recommendation for Moishe Chanin. I met Moishe during an advanced coaching training and not only had the ability to watch him coach individuals and work with groups, I have been coached by him. I wanted Moishe to be my coach because I not only saw how effective his techniques, training and experience were, I was completely impressed by the way his mind works

As a research scientist who has studied human intelligence and the human mind, I was quickly aware that Moishe was special. He has a unique ability to analyze a situation, get right to the root of the problem and then ask questions that allow his client to discover his or her way to a positive solution
My personal experience with him as my own coach is that he digs deep, gets right to the root of an issue, and leaves me feeling heard, empowered and able to take whatever steps I need to make changes in myself and my life. 

If you are ready to grow and change your life, I highly recommend Moishe. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me personally about my experience with and recommendation for Moishe, please feel free to email or call me.


"To mention a few of Moishe's strengths as a coach: supportive, introspective, open-minded to explore ideas, partnering with clients in in- and out-of-the-box thinking and prioritizing. Moishe's qualifications and experience position him as a superb coach. 

Moishe was assigned to me as my executive coach through the Infiniti Coaching Advanced Certification Course. During our mentoring, it was clear to me that one of Moishe's greatest strengths was his keen ability to listen and then meticulously respond with coaching that provided a strategic approach or pathway that supports and enables growth. 

During our coaching sessions, Moishe provided practical coaching to help me strategically address some challenges that I faced. The recommended approach strategy and course of action that he provided was absolutely perfect. 

Moishe's honesty, creative and skilfully crafted guidance is what each professional needs as we face the many challenges during our professional development journey. Moishe's contributions will not only help professionals become stronger leaders, they will help to make their company better.

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