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Chewable Goals: Deep Coaching for Meaningful Growth

I personally worked with Moishe, and I had amazing results. He is clear and direct and has an intuitive sense of what your needs are. Every time I need clarity on a issue, or something pressing in my life, I know he will guide me in the right direction.

Meet Moishe Dov

Meet Moishe Dov: Your Transformational Guide

Embark on a life-changing journey with Moishe Dov, a compassionate and dedicated life coach who blends his extensive personal and professional experiences to help you unleash your full potential.

Overcoming adversity: Moishe's own journey as a grateful recovered alcoholic and addict for 10+ years has gifted him profound insights into the power of human strength and resilience.

Expert qualifications: As an Internationally Certified Professional Life Coach and a trained and certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Moishe is equipped with the skills and expertise to support you on your path to growth and fulfillment.

Making a difference: Moishe serves as a board member at, an organization committed to promoting mental and emotional well-being within the Jewish community.

A purpose-driven transition: After a successful 10-year career in finance and management, Moishe discovered his true calling in coaching, empowering individuals to transform their lives and reach their highest aspirations.

The power of authenticity: Moishe brings his full, authentic self to every coaching session, ensuring you feel heard, valued, and motivated to take the steps necessary to create meaningful change in your life.

Unwavering commitment: With a distinctive blend of positivity, passion, and perseverance, Moishe is committed to guiding you towards your goals, providing unwavering support and inspiration throughout your journey.

Embark on your transformative journey with Moishe Dov today and experience the life-changing impact of coaching tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Practice Areas

In addition to expertise and methodology, one of the greatest assets of a coach is authenticity and the discipline to walk the talk. 


Life Coach

Life coaching changes the perception of one's accomplishments - from a box checked off, to an insight as to what a person is capable of.


More importantly, we take this recipe for success and master it so that it can be applied to all areas of life, thereby giving more meaning and depth to all accomplishments.


Addiction Recovery & Post Addiction Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a form of strength-based support for persons in or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs, and other addictions.

As difficult, and as incredible as getting clean may be, many find themselves post rehab asking themselves: now what?


At Chewable Goals we'll work together to answer and achieve the following questions: 

  • Recovery plan: where do I start?

  • What will I fill my time with?

  • What am I good at?

  • What do I want to do?

Practice Areas
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